Thursday, February 20, 2014

White box update

In our master bathroom, we have a separate, small room for our toilet. Before I made any updates, it was basically a white box.

After I had painted the main bathroom area, I decided to go ahead and tackle the toilet area as well. But, I wanted a slightly different, maybe more fun color. I chose Dancing Mist from Valspar - you can see the bathroom and toilet area paint colors together below. The master bath color is less gray in person, so they work really well together.

After everything was painted, I needed some storage. I wanted something that would hide the contents (extra toilet paper rolls aren't the cutest accessory), look okay, and be inexpensive. After searching the world wide web and local stores in my area, I was at a loss. Then...

Thank you Pinterest! I found the following pins and thought I could do something similar.


Off to the store! I found two media storage bins from Target and hooks to hang them. After creating a template of the bin, I drilled some pilot holes, screwed in the hooks, and attached the bins. Success!

You'll also notice a little bird and a little flower. I wanted something cute and fun to help brighten up the space, and I think they fit the bill!


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