Sunday, May 5, 2013

Floor trials

This weekend was the weekend to tackle the floors, or at least start. We had already pulled up the carpet and determined that it might be in good enough condition to stain or paint.

We ripped the carpet, padding, and carpet tack in the master closet and bathroom to start. It was doable, but it took me a good hour to pry up the carpet tack... in those tiny rooms! I started walking around and got a little overwhelmed with the amount of carpet that needed to come out.


We tried a greener paint remover with no success and realized that it would take too long to prep the floor properly. We decided that it might be best to at least get a quote for new flooring.

When I told Jon, he literally celebrated.

I'm thinking dark floors for most of the house, and Jon wants a grey, taupe carpet upstairs (he is semi-in charge of that room).


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