Sunday, May 12, 2013

Only three working weekends left!

We are only three weekends away from moving - ahh! It is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. One thing I know I'm looking forward to is having a weekend back. Not having a Saturday or Sunday to relax takes it's toll.

Anyways, this weekend wasn't a dramatic change type of weekend. Instead, there was a lot of prepping... I think next weekend will be very productive!

We finished painting the guest bedroom. We need to do some touch ups and potentially put up some molding (the ceiling line is a bit funky because of the previous wallpaper border), but overall it is coming together.

We also primed the foyer (thanks Jon!) and the kitchen (thanks Dad and Rob)! Both were huge jobs.



I also prepped the two hallways for a wet sanding next weekend. Then they can be primed and painted as well!


Next week the new flooring starts to go in. I think that will make the biggest difference, so we are very excited about that!

We're in the "home" stretch!


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