Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's almost time to move!

We made some great progress over the past two weeks. I'm happy to say that the house is really close to move-in ready! Here are some updates on what has been done...

Dining room - we added another coat of the bronze top coat. It is difficult to make it smooth and not streaky, so hopefully this coat will be the last!


Foyer - we finally painted the foyer. When putting the paint on, it looked really dark but it was because the walls had been so bright white for weeks now. I think it turned out great!


You can see that we started to hang a few things and brought random items from the apartment. Having our things there really makes it start to feel like our home.

Of course, nothing is organized, but it is a start!

Hallway - not a major change visually, but the last hallway is painted!

Guest/Master bedrooms - we got fresh, new carpet. Hooray! The stairs still need to be done, but after that, all floors will be new and clean for us to move in. The color is called 'Mushroom' (I think). It looks more grey than I wanted, but Jon originally wanted a dark grey, so it worked out pretty well.


Kitchen/Bathroom - both rooms got a scrub down this weekend. It is nice to know we can start putting our things away since everything is clean. Still some overall cleaning to do, but I think the kitchen and bathroom is a great start.

Mom was sweet and cut some hydrangeas from our yard to decorate :)

Next week we'll be moving more stuff in, putting switch/plug face plates up, painting any missed spots, and cleaning in preparation for our move!


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