Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thank goodness for Mom!

Our first day here was very stressful... the move was crazy, everything was (is) disorganized, and the cats didn't react that great.

Quick side bar - Paul hid in a closet most of the day and Michael hissed at Paul, ran under the bed, and then hissed at me. Neither were too happy about the change! However, they are both getting better and seem to be coming around to the whole house thing.

Anyways, back to the reason of the post - thanks to my Mom! She came over on Monday and really helped me get the living room in a good place. It's nice to have at least one room looking good!


We decided the shelves needed some serious work. We took out about eight shelves so we could create some visual interest. Using things I had around the apartment (and a few new purchases), we spruced it up and made it really feel like home. Here is a close up of the shelves.


We also got a new rug. It brings out the reds and the pattern of my poppy painting over the fireplace!

Michael Catson likes it too!

Mom also added some decorated pieces to our entry way - love how this looks!

Thanks Mom! I think it looks awesome!


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