Thursday, January 23, 2014

Master bath | Part One of ?

I'm finally starting to work on some lingering house projects - first up, the master bathroom. This room had wallpaper (surprise), and like the kitchen, some parts were glued right to the dry wall.

What a beautiful border! *sarcasm font*

I did a mix of removing wallpaper where water would get (near tub, shower, sinks), but decided to paint right over some of the other places, mostly out of laziness.

Here are some in-progress pictures of the current state of the bathroom... don't judge!

 I finished priming everything and am starting to test out colors. I had a sample of Valspar's Meadow on hand and thought a nice grey green would look lovely.

 Until I put it up against the brass fixtures (which are staying for now)...

And all I could think was Baylor (not my alma mater) or Green Bay (no thank you). So its back to the drawing board for colors!


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