Friday, January 31, 2014

Master bath | DONE!

I'm not a great photoblogger, so instead of showing multiple steps from start to finish, I just did a before and now an after on the master bathroom. Sorry!

This room has been a work in progress for at least 5 months, no joke. Most of the reason it took so long is because I only worked on it on Saturdays and then got tired and stopped. However, now that I have more time to work on home projects, this was the first room to tackle.

Here are the steps I took to finish this almost never-ending project...

  1. I tried to remove the wallpaper, however, like the kitchen, there were some parts that were glued to the drywall making it very difficult to remove without tearing up the walls. I ended up taking off the wallpaper from areas that would get water on them - sink, bathtub, shower. Timeline - 10 years
  2. I had to put a skim coat over the areas I removed wallpaper because it took it down to the dry wall, and my removal job left some bumps and bruises. Timeline - another 10 years
  3. I primed all the walls with an oil based primer (this one). I don't like oil based because of the terrible clean up, but felt it was important to use in the bathroom and on top of wallpaper. Timeline - 1 day
  4. Once it was primed, it was time to paint! However, I decided to repaint the trim as well, so it was back to priming. For the trim, I used a water based primer (I use this one because it is a no-sander primer, hooray!). Timeline - 1 day
  5. Then it was time to pick a color for the trim. Now, most of our home is a creamy, almost antique white, which is a little too yellow for me. However, if I decide to change the trim color it would be 10 years of work to redo the whole house... so baby steps. I decided to get a more white color for the bathroom (Valspar's Bistro White in semi-gloss) since I was repainting anyways and will take my time determining whether or not to tackle the rest of the house. Timeline - 1 day
  6. Once the trim was done, it was time for the walls. We tried a lot of different samples - from lavender, to fuchsia (!), to blue, to mint. We ended up choosing a light blue color that is a little grey and can sometimes look green (Valspar's Woodlawn Sterling BlueTimeline - 1-2 days
  7. Due to the condition of the walls (even with a skim coat and my best attempts) I knew we had to use some sort of texture to help hide flaws. I used a medium sand texture mixed into the paint, then painted another coat without texture in a satin finish. Timeline - 2 days
  8. Then, after a few touch ups, we were done!!!
Close up of the color and the sand texture 

Door, trim and paint 

And the color actually looks good with the brass - yes!!!!

I still need to add some character and decoration with wall art (thinking something on the wall above the tub and next to the closet), add a towel rack, and decide what to do on the window (I'm thinking of hanging plants so its a kind of faux valance), but it is so nice to not be living in a construction zone!


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