Friday, January 31, 2014

Something I should have posted a while ago...

We made a major update to our home in December. The exterior trim needed to be updated - it was blue, peeling, needed repair, etc. Here are two before pictures...

I mean, it had a certain charm, but it was a bit too country and outdated.

We used CertaPro and had a great experience. For colors, we chose Sherwin Williams' Backdrop. We tried to look for colors that would complement the brick and mortar and make it more neutral. I didn't want anything too bright or stark because I wanted something to hide the gutters and to help make the trim fade into the background. I decided to do a slightly darker color for the shutters and used Sherwin Williams' Black Fox. It turned out to look pretty similar to the door, so it tied in well.

In addition to the trim, we had the shutter (upstairs window) painted as well so it blends it with the rest of the home.

Thanks to everyone at CertaPro for doing a great job! Now I have to figure out how to bring a little color back to the front of the home. I think I'm going to wait for the spring so I can see how the flowers look when they are blooming.


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